Travelers advice. Is international driver's license necessary?

To direct questions simple answers. He international driving license It is necessary mainly outside the European Community. Our permit is approved to be valid in all countries of theEuropean Union and therefore it is valid every time we leave our borders by car for example. But when we go to another continent, for example we cross the Strait to Morocco, the International Driving Meat begins to take center stage.

The desert in Morocco

The international driving license

International driving license is necessary to be able to drive temporarily through the territory of countries that are not members of the European Union. It is currently composed of a gray cover, very old fashioned, and pages in different languages, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. Apart from the data of the holder, there is the photo, the postal address and the date of issue.

The permission It is only valid for one year from the date of issue

International driving license

How to get the international driving license?

Prior appointment with the DGT

The first thing is to make an appointment at the DGT. Until recently you could show up at any Provincial Traffic Headquarters to get your permission, but for a year it is necessary to request an appointment to obtain it. The DGT currently has unaweb users available to request this appointment and thus save you time and queues.

What documentation is necessary?

In order to process the international driving license you will need to have your current driving license is in effect and the following documentation:

  • Request and fill in the official form
  • Pay the rate from € 10.10 (price 2015)
  • Accredit you with your ID o Passport
  • A Photography updated color flesh size, about 32x26mm
  • Photocopy of the current permit, although they do not always ask for it

On the page of the TMD they usually update the necessary documentation to be able to carry out the processing, although except for the fee, little has changed every year.

Where is it valid for?

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that the international driving license not valid in the country that is issued and therefore it is not a substitute for the usual driving meat. Even abroad you have to take both, as one complements the other.

Our experience

We have driven in dozens of countries throughout these years and experience tells us that first-order countries normally presenting the meat of your country is enough. For example in New Zealand we rented a caravan and they didn't ask us. They even put us a fine and the same. In the United States a similar situation, but we recommend having it always at hand, but in Africa or Asia we have always been asked. Morocco and Senegal take the palm, perhaps for not understanding Spanish well.

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