Route to Segla, the most popular hiking route in Senja

Norway is impressive and Senja's legislature does not fall short. In the fishing village of Fjordgard part one of the most popular hiking trails in Senja, the so-called Segla Trail. It is a route of easy access and short duration, making it an ideal excursion to spend a full morning in the mountains.

First of all you should know that many visitors dodge the island of Senja to make a route through the Lofoten Islands, better known and also very spectacular, but if you are looking for more solitude, quality routes and almost unpublished landscapes your choice is Senja.

Segla Trail Route

In winter and in summer

The route is accessible both in winter and summer. We made the route in the middle of winter via Hesten, with more than one meter of snow, without problems and with some ease since it does not have excessive slope, approximately 400 meters.

Segla Trail
Segla Trail

Unlike in summer, winter is recommended to climb with rackets and canes, and if there is a lot of ice with crampons and ice ax. The logical thing is to climb with rackets, although if there is a footprint and it is well marked, you can follow it and do without them, but we do not recommend it.


When we went down we saw people climbing with snowshoes and without sticks, a temerity. The rods help balance and above all, not to constantly pull your legs

Starting from a small parking lot

In winter you can hardly see the parking lot (Hesten trail head), but this is it, we assure you. Norway changes so much from winter to summer that it is like visiting two different countries.

Segla Trail
Segla Trail

We leave soon, just at dawn. From the same car we already left with the snowshoes on, tracing the route with the track that we had gone down to the GPS, since with so much snow the signage, the landmarks or the marks were under the subway or the two meters of snow that had .

One can be guided by the booth at the exit and some light poles that ascend vertically towards the mountain. Following these posts and always leaving the colossal Segla mountain on the left, you ascend to the popular viewpoint.

Segla Trail

The climb is constant, with few slopes but easy to do with both rackets in winter and boots in summer. Seeing how complex the climb is, we imagine that in summer it must be up to people. In winter, things change, and it was us and the drummer, practically alone.

The only complex part that this route can have in winter, because in summer it does not have it, is when it sets course for the viewpoint. Be careful not to slip because of the hardness of the snow or ice and tighten the snowshoes so as not to fall. In any case, the fall cannot end badly, since the slope is not very high and in a few meters you would end up slowing down, but it is advisable to go with caution.

Impressive sights

The views are simply spectacular, the photos attest it, right? No matter whether it is winter or summer, this route is worth it.

Segla Trail
Segla Trail

To get down is fast, it is done in half the time :). You can go back the same way or by circular, at least in winter, having fun jumping in the snow.

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