Mayas in Guatemala. The archaeological complex of Yaxha

When we talk about the Mayans in Guatemala, Mexico always comes to mind and Chichen Itza, recognized as one of the seven Wonders of the WorldorTulum. Surely because they are located in the most tourist areas of the world, the Yucatan Peninsula, but outside the perspective of mass tourism or economic interests, the best Mayan ruins are in Guatemala andBelize followed by Mexico.

Acropolis of Yaxha

Yaxhá, located north of Petén, is a clear example of the Maya in Guatemala. It's one of those little-name sites eclipsed by its neighbor and incredible Tikal and personally with Caracol, Belize, they are one of the best places from the archaeological or landscape point of view of the Mayan world, translated into Spanish, Agua Verde, since it is a city built on small islands connected by roads and canals.

The archaeological complex of Yaxha

On our trip, a trip that toured Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala in a 4 × 4 rental with 6 friends from Madrid, we had to overcome the unforeseen circumstances of taking a car from Mexico to Guatemala with the problems that paperwork entails, the latter nonexistent and that after a few hours begging and almost begging they let us cross the border from San Jose Succotz Belize to Guatemala.

Leaving Belize on the way to Yaxha

With the desire to see for the first time something of the Maya in Guatemala, although in my case already i visited Guatemala 5 years ago, we were on a dusty road a sign that indicated Yaxhá. Yaxhá ?, if the Lonely Planet barely mentions it, and why not? Anything to avoid Lonely and explore, welcome, we think ... And the truth, what a discovery of the Mayans in Guatemala we had with Yaxhá.

Past the town of The auction, we arrived at Yaxhá and the first thing that caught our attention was to see that the structures of its buildings are some similar to Tulum. In those ruins we could see an excellent view of the Yaxhá lagoon and Sacnab in Petén, since this archaeological site is located in an elevated area and in turn in an incomparable setting. Although it does not occupy a place too large, 3 kilometers, it has more than 500 buildings with driveways.

Mayas in Guatemala

Entering as if we were some old explorers, in total, we were alone, why not exploit our imagination? Temple 216, an imposing building of 37 m high You can see both the lagoon and the entire jungle that surrounds the complex. As in many Mayan temples, one of its main attractions for tourism is its sunsets and Temple 216 can not be less.

Going down carefully and accessing from one of the roads, we can see an acropolis with 3 buildings, which is more spectacular, one in front of the other, giving shade to a small square and demonstrating how great the Mamas were in Guatemala.

Bruno in Yaxha

After 2 hours, we return to the car and head to Flores to see Tikal, the crown jewel of the Mayan culture, but this is another trip and it's another story. Javier Blanquer

When to go?

Yaxhá opens Monday through Friday between 8 and 5 in the afternoon. From January to April, with a drier climate, it is the best time to visit the area, although it is accessible all year, even in the rainy season.

How to get?

Since flowers It takes no more than an hour, partly on asphalt and partly on land.

What to wear

The tour is approximately two hours, so take water, mosquito repellent and some snacks. If you are going to make a boat trip on the lake, a good hat could not be good, the heat is suffocating.

Where to sleep?

Can camping on the lake shore from Yaxhá in a small camp. Of course an incredible experience outside the tides of Tikal tourists.