Mexico. Tour of Puerto Vallarta

In the shade of lush mountains and surrounded by the Bay of Banderas, currentlyVallarta Port It is one of the busiest places in all of Mexico. Long beaches, many restaurants and above all a lot of atmosphere, a place where we are sure that you can never get bored. Let's see a brief travel for Puerto Vallarta.

Vallarta Port

Tour of Puerto Vallarta

After a long trip from Madrid and stopping in Mexico DF, we arrived to Vallarta Port. At the moment there are no direct flights, but everything seems to indicate that if this place on the Pacific coast shows its benefits, it will begin to arrive ordas of tourists wanting to enjoy its beaches and mountains.

Famous pelican?

On our first day of #AllMexicoTrip, which by the way you can follow these hashtag in Twiiter these days, we visit downtown Puerto Vallarta or also called downtown Vallarta, which includes the Cuale Island and the Romantic Zone.

Vallarta Port

We did the tour walking through the impressive pier, where there are many beach sand sculptures, an art show that treasures this small city. Along this long walk there are many restaurants and places of drinks cared for to the smallest detail, all to attract the attention of the tourist, mainly Canadian or North American.


Leaving the boardwalk behind you reach one of the panoramic points of the city, the Matamoros Lighthouse, located on one of the many slopes in the city.

Matamoros Lighthouse

Following the tour of Puerto Vallarta we pass from the lighthouse, taking a long walk you reach the Cuale Island, where the city has its origin in part and that today is the Cuale market, ideal point to buy crafts or any souvenir of the city.


Finally, and perhaps one of the most interesting points of the city we visited the Romantic Zone, the most beautiful point of the city and surely the best area to stay both for its environment and for the beauty of each street. If you want to leave the city behind, you can go toSan Sebastian del Oeste, a charming village price between the mountains.

Practical data

Below a selection of hotels and restaurants that we could see first hand.


  • River cafe. Located on Cuale Island, it has an impressive terrace by the river
  • Le kliff. They say it is the most beautiful restaurant in all of Vallarta. It is by the sea, on a cliff, so you can imagine how a romantic dinner could be here.

Hotels in downtown Vallarta

  • Rosita Hotel. With few rooms, but which more cuca.
  • Hotel Posada de Roger. With a pool, it is past the central courtyard where most of the rooms are located.
  • Cathedral Hotel.

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