Visit to Granadilla, a beautiful abandoned town in Cáceres

One of the most fascinating villages in Cáceres is without a doubt Granadilla, a old walled village located on a small peninsula in the Gabriel y Galán Reservoir. If you are in the north of Cáceres or the south of Salamanca, stay with this plan, since this town touches the perfection for three great reasons, the walled complex itself, the location that seems taken from a story and for its spectacular sunsets, worthy of a postcard.

Visit to Granadilla

A little history

Granadilla was founded by Muslims in the ninth century. In the Muslim era the splendid was built defensive walls, which were used as protection to the town located next to the busy Vía de la Plata and the Alcazaba, which later became “transformed” as a Christian castle.

Passion fruit
Passion fruit

Historically Granadilla became the capital of the region and in fact, it was not next to a reservoir, since where the town is located it was declared a flood zone in 1955, creating a truly spectacular place.

Nowadays Granadilla is inside the abandoned villages recovery program and it is since 1980 Monumental Historic Artistic Ensemble. A part every year hundreds of students approach to help in their recovery, that is why the visit to the town has to be within the established schedules (see practical data).

Departing from Hervás

We were staying in the Ambroz Valley in the town of Hervás, one of the most beautiful villages in Extremadura, when we decided to visit Granadilla. The reality is that we knew almost nothing about this small town, just the spectacular location we saw on Google Maps, since the reservoir where it is located is somewhat colossal.

Hervás next to the sierra
Gabriel y Galán Reservoir

We left 3h before sunset, since the reservoir's own forms gave reins to travel slowly with the car stopping from gazebo to gazebo. In fact, we enjoy the same or more, both in Granadilla and around the town.

Visiting Granadilla

The road that accesses Granadilla, CC-168, seemed to us a road taken from an apocalyptic film. It was in an endless landscape on a ghostly-looking road, since we didn't find any cars. Would it be for being out of high season ?.

Much of the road surrounded the reservoir that houses Granadilla, the Gabriel and Galán reservoir, atypical in appearance, as it has capricious forms that make it an ideal place to hiking or simply, to enjoy its views.

Passion fruit
Passion fruit

Being March, Granadilla closed at 6pm, so the first thing we did was visit the complex and then we went to enjoy the sunset.

In Granadilla we decided to get lost in its narrow streets, where we came to visit the Main Square, which seemed taken from a Western Spaghetti, the former house of the Civil Guard, a church and the 16th century Peace Court. In addition, the old Alcazaba, which is next to the entrance, we walked over the wall and got lost, as is, by some small abandoned neighborhood of the town. An experience, no doubt.

Passion fruit
Passion fruit

Stay that next to the Plaza Mayor are the most stately homes, like the one in the shell facade, and under the wall the worst preserved houses. In addition, from the highest points you can see the reservoir, but most of the time the vegetation itself prevents seeing it, so it is better to go out, walk along the shore and enjoy it.

An amazing sunset

In one of the curves, maybe the second or third after leaving Granadilla, we decided to park and start walking. The sun was beginning to fall, and a few birds could be seen next to the reservoir. In March, the date of our visit is not bird season, so we do not get to see white cranes or storks. It was not necessary, since the sunset itself was the gift of an exceptional afternoon.

Gabriel y Galán Reservoir
Gabriel y Galán Reservoir
Gabriel y Galán Reservoir

Practical data

How to get?

Granadilla belongs to Zarza de Granadilla, and is located just 30 minutes from Hervás. See location in Google Maps.

Recommended books

  • Laguía of the province of Cáceres
  • For children: Cáceres counted to children

Visiting schedule

  • April - October: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • November - March: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m.
  • Monday, closed except national holidays

Worthwhile Restaurants

  • Sesame meal house. Modern Spanish food with a small terrace
  • More than grill. If you like oxtail and lamb, this is your place
  • Tavern the patio. Small and with tapas, very cozy

Where to sleep?

  • Valdeamor rural house. It is one of the largest houses in the area, a house that you can rent entirely. It consists of no less than 6 bedrooms.
  • The convent garden. As the name says, it has beautiful gardens where the terraces of the rooms overlook. It is ideal for two people.
  • The Watchtower Nice apartments near the restaurants and the center of Hervás.
  • Apartments the square. If you have the bad luck that they give you an apartment that overlooks the terrace of the bar below, we assure you first hand that you will not sleep until it closes, as at 2am, since the noise crosses the walls. Of course, the apartments as such are of good quality and very well equipped.