Iceland in 7 days (Route by rental car)

The best option to visit Iceland in 7 days is the classic southern route, the route that accesses several of the most important points of the island as well as the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. If it is your first trip to Iceland and you only have one week, take note of the following route.

Iceland in 7 days

To consider

Most of the people who visit Iceland in 7 days choose the southern route since it is the most accessible all year (normally) and because it has the main places to visit And the most famous. The ideal is to do it by car, but there is the option of bus or motorhome that we already explained at the time, but it all depends on the budget and the number of days you have. In this case we will explain how to make the route by rental car.

Haifoss waterfall
Skógafoss waterfall

How much can you spend?

Iceland is not a cheap country, that must be taken into account :). Neither the rental of the car, nor the hotels, which are few and highly sought after in high season, are easy to find if you don't book early. In Iceland Iceland are almost all the hotels in the country and with the comparator Rentalcars You can access the most complete car rental offer. To give you an idea, traveling to Iceland 7 days may have the following costs:

  • Accommodation, an average of € 100 a night
  • Car rental (from the airport), € 450 with Rentalcars or with SIXT as we did
  • Gasoline for 7 days and about 1,000km, at € 1.67 a liter, about € 200 pulling up
  • Meals, dinners… calculate about € 50 a day, as long as you pull from supermarkets 🙂
  • Travel insurance with € 37.95 worldwide in case flies
  • Flights with low cost companies like Wow Air or via Skyscanner, € 250

How do you see the accommodation and gasoline is the most expensive, but first you can save if you decide to camp, an activity that we recommend in Iceland. Now it's time to see what places you have to visit on the south coast of Iceland.

Rental car route

For us there are eleven key places in the south of Iceland, eleven places that depending on what type of activity you want to do can be something just. For example, if you want to make a trekking or dive one morning in Silfra you will have to sacrifice a visit if you do not go fast:) ... but for you to get to the idea, these 11 places that we propose you can see them in a week.

Iceland map
  1. Reykjavik, the capital (ideal for one last day)
  2. Blue Lagoon (Hot, hot outdoor pool)
  3. Golden Circle (Pingvellr National Park)
    • Oxarárfoss waterfall
    • GullFoss waterfall
    • Geysir's fumaroles
    • Dive in the crack of Silfra
  4. Haifoss waterfall, simply stunning
  5. Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  6. Skógafoss waterfall
  7. Solheimajokull Glacier
  8. The crashed plane of the U.S. Army
  9. Skaftafell National Park
    • Day trekking in Kristínartindar
    • Svartifoss waterfall
  10. The incredible canyon of Fjaðrárgljúfur
  11. Jökulsárlón glacier lake

In each place we have added a link with more information, do not miss it !. We also recommend that you read our article on Icelandic waterfalls

Recommendations for the route

Iceland by rental car is the best option, without a doubt. In one day you can see several waterfalls, since many of them are on the same road and you just have to leave the car on the parking and walk a few minutes to see them, making it easier than it seems. Except the waterfall ofHaifoss or an interesting point that we have not put as Lannanalaugar, the rest of the points of interest are in what is called the Ring road, the road around the island.

Silfra crack
Gold circle

To travel Iceland in 7 days, it is best to start with the name Gold circle, for us it is the other Iceland, more crowded and less interesting. The further you move away from the capital, the more beautiful. The circle in one day looks a lot, so you won't spend too much time there. You can search our blog for more information about this place.

Skaftafel National Park

So that you get the idearoad is paved in all the Ring Road and although it is of two sense, it hardly has traffic. There are several things that you have to keep in mind when you walk it. The first always carries the full tank, since there are not many gas stations (especially by Jökulsárlón). The second supermarket, beware, the further east, the less services, although a recommendation, everything is much cheaper (especially alcohol) in the airport departure supermarket. By the way, it's easy to see how the Icelandic cars fill up when they get off the plane :). Iceland in 7 days, as you can see, it has things that you cannot put aside…


By the end of the trip I would leave the Blue Lagoon andReykjavik. The capital is seen on a short morning, but where it is most worth it is at night, since it is much more lively. The Blue Lagoon is a tourist, but to finish a long trip a good bath always comes well :).

See excursions in Iceland

In short, we made the trip from Iceland in 7 days step by step, without haste and it was phenomenal. It is true that in the Golden Circle we spend little time, but it has its reward, the end of the Ring Road in its southern section is a pass. By the way, in Iceland they plan to put a network of electric car chargers, Imagine touring Iceland like this! Highly recommended!