Calblanque, the best beaches in Murcia and Cabo de Palos

Calblanque is a regional park located between Cabo de Palos and Portmán, next to La Manga, a park that brings together several of the best beaches from Cabo de Palos and all of Murcia. Surprise the beauty of this coast, where there are dunes, junipers, sand, ramblas and even pine forests. It seems incredible that only 4km from the urbanizations and the power of the brick of the sleeve There is a park like this.

Calblanque and Cabo de Palos

The Calblanque Regional Park

Luckily the construction has not reached this part of the Murcian coast and Calblanque is as it should be all this part of Spain, a corner without speculation or urban development, where the flora, fauna and paradisiacal beaches have their place.

Beaches in Calblanque

This park besides offering beautiful beaches is a good place to do trekking or to tour it in mountain bike. You can make routes toMount of Ashes and to Peña del Águila, where there are currently 3 authorized trails in the park:

  • Circular to the Cabezo de la Fuente (7.8km)
  • Punta Negra Viewpoint Trail (3.8km)
  • Path of the Mount of Ashes (3 Km)

Calblanque Beaches

Map of the beaches

To access them there are two routes. The route of line 1 and the route of line 2, two routes that take place in the park bus during the high season. More information in Practical data.

  1. Long Beach
  2. Negrete Beach
  3. Las reeds beach
  4. Parreño Beach
  5. Playan de Calblanque
  6. Cala Arturo
  7. Cala Magre
  8. Dentoles Creek

Map Calblanque

1 Beaches of line 1 (west)

Long Beach

In our opinion it is one of the most desired beaches because of the width of its beach and its beautiful gold sand. It is directly connected with that of Negrete, so it is easy to pass from one to the other by drawing only a few rocks. The best thing about this beach is that it does not cover until after 30 or 40 meters inwards.

  • Bus distance: 3 minutes
  • Length: 600m

Long Beach
Long Beach

Negrete Beach

With Parreño beach it is the most beach west. It is also a beach with more than rocks than the others, especially to the south, so it can be a good place besides sunbathing or bathing, practice snorkel. It is also a beach with dye nudist, being one of the furthest.

  • Bus distance: 5 minutes
  • Length: 600m

Negrete Beach
Negrete Beach

Las Cañas beach

It is next to that of Parreño the smallest beach of line 2. Personally it is not one of the most beautiful, but it is easily accessible and is not usually the busiest.

  • Bus distance: 5 minutes
  • Length: 300m

Las Cañas beach
Las Cañas beach

Parreño Beach

It has the honor of being thecreek further and therefore the one to the west. It is less crowded than the others since you have to walk on a path to be able to access it. A part is usually a cutting beach nudist. It is not too big, but when it is quiet it is one of the best beaches in the area. It is also a beachsurrounded by rocks with a good area to practice snorkel, especially on your right.

  • Bus distance: 15 minutes
  • Length: 300m

Parreno Beach

2 Beaches of line 2 (east)

Calblanque Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, the cove that bears the same name as the park. Money transparent and a long beach of 300m of golden sand. It is also wide facing inside and there are hardly any rocks, except at the ends. For many bathers it is undoubtedly the favorite.

  • Bus distance: 3 minutes
  • Length: 300m

Calblanque Beach

Cala Arturo

Another tiny cove of the sector of line 2. As with the previous ones, of golden sand and calm waves except when there is a hangover. It is worth it especially in low season.

  • Bus distance: 10 minutes
  • Length: 80m

Cala Magre

It is accessed by a walkway to avoid damaging the park's ecosystem. It is a small, quiet cove, very similar to those of line 1.

  • Bus distance: 10 minutes
  • Length: 100m

Cala Magre

Cala de los Déntoles (Cala Dorada)

Is it the beach or smaller cove and away from the whole park. You have to walk about 15 minutes to access it, and hopefully, catch site in high season, since it is barely 50m. It is golden sand and possibly the most beautiful in the whole park.

  • Bus distance: 15 minutes
  • Length: 50m

Cala Dentoles

Practical data

How to get?

The access and the parking de Calblanque is located next to the La Manga highway at exit 10. This is the output in Google Maps.

High season access

Due to the overcrowding and with the aim of having a visitor control in the park, since 2017 they have been made available to visitors buses every 20 minutes to the 8 beaches of the park. This measure is only applicable in high season, from June 24 to September 3 (rest of the year can be accessed by car).

Prices and schedules

These are the prices and schedules in this 2017.

  • Bus access: from June 24 to September 3 (rest of the year can be accessed by car)
  • Schedule: 9 am to 8 pm (buses every 20 minutes)
  • Bond: 20€
  • Round-trip ticket: 6€
  • Reduced rate: 1,5€

Restaurants recommended by the area

  • La Cuesta Restaurant. Not far from the Bateria del Castillito. Very cheap And homemade food first.
  • Magoga restaurant. By far the best restaurant in Cartagena
  • Bodega la Fuente. If you like anchovies and everything that comes from Santoña, it's your place

Where to sleep?

  • Maria Guerrero apartments. Nice apartments by the sea
  • Heart of Cabo de Palos apartment. Just by looking at the photos, you fall
  • Selection of hotels recommended by Booking

Where to rent a car?

The best way to get around Cabo de Palos is to rent a car.Rentalcars usually offers the best prices, since it compares the price that the main brands offer you.

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