Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

The stage between Camp Bugata and Hunwick is perhaps one of the most beautiful of Rwenzori and in the whole set of the moon's mounds. In it we see the landscapes we expected so much, with their lobelia forests with a colossal size and that transport us to a completely Jurassic environment. Today is the Rwenzori that we all bring as a souvenir and the best brand of Uganda.

8-day Rwenzori crossing

Rwenzori - Fourth stage. Bugata - Hunwick camp

The fourth stage in our journey in Rwenzori to undertake the Marguerita peak is not excessively hard. The altitude is the one who will mark our rhythms and the constant changes of climate will slow our progress.

Hunwick is a little below 4000m, just 100 meters less than the previous camp, the Bugata. Among them we have a great mountain pass, theBamwanjara at 4500 meters, a good meter of acclimatization status. It will also be one of the most special moments of the route if time permits. This will allow us to see by first time, Marguerita peak.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp - Route map

Although to be frank, we will not see it either. What we see is the peak that is just 50 meters from its summit, theAlexandra Peak, which shares glacier with the Marguerita above 5000 meters of altitude and are part of the massif of Mount stanley.

Fourth stage of Rwenzori

  • Distance: 7km
  • Weather: 5 / 6h
  • Total ascent: 687m
  • Total descent: 663m
  • Minimum altitude: 3863m
  • Maximum altitude: 4441m

At about 8 in the morning we left the camp Bugata After a copious breakfast. It's cold, about -1 degrees and all the rocks around us have a thin layer of ice. Ice that will soon disappear with the first rays of sun.

Bugata Lake

From here and with a restless climb we have to reach the passage ofBamwanjara, at 4450 meters high. This is a good measure of strength and acclimatization, but our bodies are doing well for now and it doesn't seem like we are going to have big problems. We have no dizziness or headaches. Only the desire to walk slowly given the difficulty of breathing oxygen at this altitude.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

The first hour runs through a fairly arid environment, a typical landscape of altitude in these latitudes. The clouds surround us, but they are quite static. Most have been formed by the condensation of the morning frost and with it everything seems to indicate that in the afternoon it will surely end up raining.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

Suddenly the beautiful giant wolves begin to appear. For now scattered and then dazzle us in the form of large almost impenetrable forests. It is here that we begin to see the false step ofBamwanjara, right in the photo below and located on the left. Clearly it looked like this, but the height took away our reason, although we were not far away,

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

After the "false" step, where there is a small semi abandoned shelter, we come back to the Lobelias and the sky begins to clear. Ideal moment to accelerate the passage with the intention of arriving as soon as possible to theBamwanjara

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

And we arrive at Bamwanjara (4451m) and finally we see Mount Stanley, with the Alexandra Peak covered with glaciers and just behind our goal, the Marguerita Peak. In addition to all these colossi, we have on the left Mount Baker, more than 4800 meters high.

Bamwanjara Pass

The views are excellent but the descent is even better. A thick forest of Lobelias awaits us that leaves us really stunned. It's amazing how these arboreal dinosaurs grow so high. We are at more than 4400 meters of altitude.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

Lowering the Bamwanjara was a real pleasure, but since not everything is fun ... suddenly it was presented what we were waiting for at the beginning, the rain. A rain that only stopped rarely and worsened in the last kilometer before the Hunwick shelter.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

Sparking continuously and with clouds that covered the entire landscape, we reached one of the Kachope lakes, since there are two and located at different heights. There we stopped to eat and waited for the clouds to disappear, although the little we got was the photo below.

Kachope Lakes

We leave the first lake Kachope and pass near the second, but between the rain, the clouds and the dense cloud forest we do not finish seeing it. In fact there are more lakes along the way, but we didn't see one, especially during the time it rained in the seas.

Rwenzori - Stage 4. Bugata - Hunwick camp

And with that panorama we arrive at Hunwick camp. A name that matches the owners of Rwenzori Trekking Services, the guide company that makes this route. Of course, the photo below is the next day. With the water that fell on us, we wanted to take out the camera.

Hunwick camp

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