How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack? It is the question we ask ourselves who travel or go to the mountain loaded with a very heavy camera. We have the problem of finding an optimal place to avoid having to put it in and out of the backpack constantly. You lose a lot of time and sometimes from both taking out and saving things are lost along the way because of the stress it can cause.

In the market there are many solutions, of many different types and sometimes we even opt for homemade methods. However there is a common goal for all of them. It must be a fast, reliable and above all safe method. Another detail to assess is comfort, perhaps one of the most important, especially if we go to the mountain.

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack effectively

Since travel for free We are quite clear how to hook the SLR camera to the backpack, we have been doing it for many years and we never tire of recommending it. It is the first option on the list that we pass below but we will also offer you its alternatives, with their corresponding pros and cons.

When we walk long distances with our reflex camera, both by city and in the mountains, we value comfort and have our two hands free. Whether to read a map, eat a snack, walk with canes, ..., etc. Going at ease is a priority, as if we did not carry the camera on top, but there is a detail that we have to take into account. The camera will always be visible and visible to everyone, so it is something we should get used to and use it in destinations where our security is not in danger.

Those of us who use a reflex camera on the mountain have chosen to use very different methods. from leaving it inside the backpack and taking it out when necessary. This means that many times we do not even take it out and lose good photographs. Another is to buy a small case and tie it as we can at chest height. This is uncomfortable as well as being able to make us lose our balance. That is why many things have come out in the market and what stands out today is the clip on the handle,

1 camera clip. Anchoring the camera in a backpack handle

As I mentioned earlier, the camera clip or anchor is our favorite option. It is an anchor that is placed on one of the handles of the backpack, placing a clip on the camera, similar to what we usually put when we have a tripod. With this clip, it is quickly removed and put on the anchor of the backpack, being able to block its exit due to safety issues or even the hardness of its extraction.

It was developed by the North American company Peak Design, but as with all the Chinese they have copied it and we can see many options. The important thing is that it is not plastic or materials that can be folded / split.

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack

It allows us to have both arms completely released, which means we can use canes without problems. In addition, the removal of the camera is very fast, western gun style, but at first we may need to get used to it. Another detail to assess is its position, slightly below the shoulder. In my view, it allows me to put a plastic case on the camera in case of rain. Of course, if we go through very narrow places or stick to a rock we have to be careful not to rub against it.

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack

Like everything, nothing is perfect and there are two details to keep in mind. The first is that if the screws are not fastened well they can get lost if the handle of the backpack is very thick. Another detail is that the reflex cameras are heavy and with this method we carry the weight on one of our shoulders, so when mounting the backpack it is convenient to balance the weights.

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2 shoulder strap

This option is also highly valued but in my opinion I think it has more cons than advantages for its use in the mountains. Without backpack they are exceptionally comfortable, with it the thing can vary.

The strap is basically a band-like strap that runs from one shoulder and down diagonally to the other end of the hip, where the camera is deposited. The part that is left on the shoulder is padded and is usually very soft. The other end has the anchor that is attached to the camera, clip style.

How to hook the SLR camera to the backpack

The anchorage to the chamber can be of manual thread or with a screw. There are models that allow the placement of an additional tripod clip without disassembling the strap.

When using it with the backpack we have to place it on top and in that way not be blocked by the handles. The strap is calibrated a little longer than normal to be able to place the camera on our back, just below the backpack if possible. The problem I see is that it moves too much if we go fast and sometimes it tends to swing at the sides, which means having to tie it with an additional ribbon. However, it allows us to have both arms released as in the previous method.

Finally, there is some model that offers some more stability by having an extra support that goes under the armpits.

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