Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

Today we are on our way to mad king's castle orNeuschwanstein Castle, a place that seems taken from a fairy tale or a Disney movie. So much so that visiting it is almost an obligation for those who travel through southern Germany or have a day off during their visit to Munich ó Innsbruck (Austria).

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

Route to the mad king's castle or Neuschwanstein (Germany)

The first time I visited the castle ofNeuschwanstein It was in the middle of winter. I traveled by train from Munich and I must admit that I loved a trip loaded with white landscapes with deep forests, while the train made its way over large accumulations of snow.

The cold was not a problem despite the 8 degrees below zero. The frozen landscapes with a castle in the background are shocking and if we combine this with a good hot chocolate (no wine), it simply has no price.

Route to the mad king's castle or Neuchwanstein

Our second visit was in Autumn and had nothing to send to the first. Despite not finding snow, the area was dyed a spectacular multicolored, giving it a nuance that we liked even more than during the first time. In addition we stayed more days, making base in the near locality of Fussen and thus be able to visit other places like the Highline179 in Austria, a suspension bridge not suitable for undecided.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

But our visit to Neuchwanstein Castle It was very different this time. Instead of getting there by car or public transport, we decided to do it walking through the nearby mountains.

Route to the mad king's castle

We set out to make a simple route, of more than 12 kilometers in length and with little slope of ascent, about 250 meters. This has its trick, since we would start walking at a height below 1800 meters (1732m) after taking the cable car Tegelbergbahn.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany) - Tegelberg Station

The ski resort ofTegelbergbahn not far fromNeuchwanstein Castle, just about 4 kilometers. A modest station but that is very frequented in summer for its wonderful views of the Bavarian Alps and for various hiking trails such as the ascent to the Branderschrofen peak, 1881 meters high.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

Paid the 13€ (one way) that costs to climb to the restaurant of Tegelberg, we decided first to climb to the peakBranderschrofen We were barely separated by 150 meters of unevenness, but we knew that certain sections of the route are somewhat exposed to serious falls, so they have placed chains to facilitate their ascent.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

The first meters are simple, going up a fairly wide path until you reach a point where there are several binoculars to observe the nearby mountains. From there the thing gets complicated, the road narrows and that is where people with vertigo should turn back.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

A series of chains and steel cables will take us to the top, where a great cross is raised. The wind here usually runs very strong and the cold does not take long to arrive, so we quickly go down the same path taken until we reach the Tegelberg restaurant.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany) - Branderschrofen Peak

Once in the restaurant we tried to take the direct path to the castle of the mad king, just behind it but it was closed years ago. Therefore, we take option B, and it is none other than to start down the main road until we reach a “little visible” crossroads that indicates the path to the castle.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

We will walk several kilometers along narrow paths surrounded by very thick forests, where only light rays can pass through them. A really quiet road and where we will cross with very few mountaineers. But tranquility was going to surprise us, of those in which you stay with your mouth open.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

The mad king's castle under our feet and in complete solitude. The views over this, the hohenschwangau castle and the lakes of Alpsee and Schwan are all for us.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

We resume the path and cross paths with a couple of groups. the castle of the mad king was getting closer but the crowd of its large number of visitors was still far away. Already the route to the castle of the mad king was a continuous panorama of the castle from numerous points to which better.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

Suddenly we realized that its main facade was under construction !!! and its characteristic red / orange color was hidden behind scaffolding. A pity, we will have to return :-D.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

A short time later we began to hear numerous groups of people, a sign that we were arriving at the bridge from where the most famous snapshot of the castle is taken. The tranquility was over.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

If we had been a little smarter, our route had ended here, but since we had left the car at the stationTegelberg, we had to return, that if by a completely flat road.

We surrounded the castle first without visiting it, we would do it the next day. We started down the paved road between large groups of people. 10 minutes later, before reaching the end, we take a shortcut through a beautiful little-frequented forest that reaches the same town as the main road.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

In the town we have no choice but to take the road that runs parallel to the main road, specifically by the ColomanstrabeTegelberg It looked at the bottom and as there were many rural roads in the area, we took one that would take us directly. A success.

Route to the mad king's castle (Neuschwanstein - Germany)

After 4 and a half we arrive at the parking lot ofTegelberg We had loved the route and to celebrate it, nothing better than riding a circuitboobsley What is in the station. Very fun and for just 3.8€.

More information fromNeuschwanstein Castle In our dedicated article.

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Practical data

How much does it cost to do the route?

Basically what it costs to leave the car in the parking lot ofTegelberg,some 4€ and the 13€ The cable car costs (one way). If we want to go up and down, they are about 21€. The cheapest thing is to take a bus from Fussen (number 73)

How to get?

By car or by public transport via bus 73 that leaves from Fussen in the direction of Steingaden / Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

What to wear

In summer the temperatures are hot and a sweatshirt would even spare us. Even so it is advisable to bring some shelter in case the flies. In winter the route is usually closed due to snow accumulations.

Do we want a guide?

If you would like to have all the ends tied and have a guide in Spanish to get the most out of the visit, we recommend this tour.

Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

Where to sleep for Fussen?

There are many offers of accommodation but most have high prices. We leave you two good quality / price options.

  • Parkhotel Bad Faulenbach: on the outskirts of Fussen but with an incredible looking building. Very close to the river and with breakfast included.
  • Hotel Ludwigs: comfortable hotel with a reasonable price and located right in the center.

Before leaving for Fussen

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