The best accessories for the GoPro (Traveler Advice)

During our trips and on several high mountain routes we have been able to test the benefits of the camera par excellence of adventure, the GoPro. After so much testing we have seen that GoPro accessories they are indispensable for most situations, since a camera like this needs to be well accompanied. These accessories besides being small and weighing little, should meet the needs of day to day and times when you want record videos in implausible positions. Do you want to know what accessories for the GoPro are they indispensable?

GoPro Accessories

There are hundreds of accessories for the GoPro, from brackets, bases, straps or suction cups. All for adventure sports on land, air or water, but there are a number of accessories that are very practical if you want to get the most out of one of the cameras that have revolutionized the market. We tell you what we use in our videos and adventures.

Extensible support

A GoPro camera without its tripod o Extensible support is not being able to use the camera at its best. You can't record yourself, you can't take aerial shots and selfies without hands or arms, since its wide angle catches practically everything. This support is ideal for recording yourself talking in front of the camera when you walk, for example.

Mono pod or extendable arm

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Put the GoPro on your head

There are certain scenes where you can't use your hands. GoPro has a series of accessories to be able to locate the camera both in the chest and in head. For example, when you ski, go cycling or trekking, this accessory is ideal.

Adjustable head strap

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It has in common with the previous one that leaves your hands free. There are many situations where you do not want to carry the GoPro in your hand to don't lose her, for example in the water while diving, when you practice windsurfing, etc.

Wristband for GOPRO

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Suction cup holder

There are many types of suction cup holder, but if you love your camera, buy the original. Why?. Very easy, if you put this type of supports in your car or on your motorcycle you would not like it to fail and your camera flying out. The original GoPro support withstands speeds higher than 200km / h, so imagine.

Suction cup for car / motorcycle

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Hand float

When you practice water sports like diving or rafting it is very common to lose a GoPro, since it sinks very easily. A hand float is an ideal accessory for your GoPro to always float. It works like any stick or tripod, with the particularity that the handle prevents sinking.

Float for GOPRO

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Head or helmet extender

Surely you have wondered how it is possible to engrave your face while jumping in parachute, you go by bike or just practice pyroline. This accessory allows you to fit your helmet or head support and extend the GoPro forward so you can record your gestures or your scary face in certain situations. Ideal, right ?.

GOPRO Extender

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Kit with everything

To save you a little money there are a lot of kits where they gather a multitude of GoPro accessories. Here we have a good example, where more than 10 are included.


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Clip or clip for GoPro

The clamp allows you multiple uses. It is one of the most versatile GoPro accessories. One for example is to put it in your shoes or on a belt.

Clip or clip

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One of the biggest problems presented by the GoPro is the battery life. It rarely lasts a day, and if you use it to the fullest, in 2h you will have to reload it. Besides, if you use WIFI, the only option to "survive" is to carry more than one battery.

Battery kit

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GoPro lighting

The GoPro It is not the best camera for recording night scenes or in low light. Normally the scenes come out like a lot of grain or you just don't see anything. There is a smaller accessory than it seems based on LED lighting. It is not cheap, but it is worth it.

LED lighting

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Gimbal for GoPro

One of the best accessories for the GoPro. You are walking, on a ship, on an airplane, in any situation where there are sudden movements the gimbal smoothes them electronically. Carries batteries to stabilize and its 3 axes do things you can't imagine.

Gimbal for GoPro

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DSLR support

Finally we include an accessory that can be compatible for the GoPro but not necessary. This adapter is for cameras DSLR mainly and for activities such as hiking it is very comfortable. Instead of carrying the camera hanging by bumping or inside your backpack, it is attached to your chest, being able to access it easily. For us, indispensable.

Photography accessories

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