Guide of tips to visit Stonehenge

Visit Stonehengand It is to visit the most famous megalithic temple that exists. Located in the south of England (Great Britain), it is visited every year by thousands of people eager to know an icon that represents a multitude of prehistoric temples anywhere on the planet. It may not be more than that, a set of stones, but it is much more than that. Stones of several tons of weight brought from Wales almost 7000 years ago in order to align them with the movements of the sun. All a feat.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

In 2017 we visited Stonehenge for the second time very close to the town of Salisbury. It had been almost 15 years after the last visit and the few memories I have indicated that things have changed. Stonehenge is still intact, as he remembered, but his way of visiting has changed radically and for the better. Years ago any tourist could approach the stones, handle them or even lean on to take a nice snapshot with which to hesitate their friends. Today it is not like that and a fence around the temple has been placed at a good distance to preserve Stonehenge.

Acquire tickets in advance from Stonehenge

It is one of the most visited monuments in England and its proximity to London makes it much more visited. Before it was not necessary but now it is highly recommended to book tickets in advance whose cost is 16.50 pounds. So much so that when you arrive at the huge parking lot at the entrance there is a control where they ask if you have a reservation. If you do not have it, you will have to wait for a good queue or they may send you home. For example, where tickets are bought or collected, there are three windows, two dedicated to online reservations or who has the English Heritage pass as the Oversea pass, and a third for the purchase of the day. In the latter the tail is immense and tremendously slow. 1 hour minimum wait.

Stonehenge Ticket Booking

Visiting Stonehenge

The first thing that hits me when I arrive at Stonehenge is its gigantic parking lot. This area is new, before parking was reduced, just over 100 meters from Stonehenge. Today it is located 2.5 kilometers which can be traveled on foot or on a free bus. What many do not know is that current parking costs 5 pounds by vehicle but if I remember correctly it was refundable with the entrance to the monument.

We had the Oversea pass where this ticket and many others are included but for Stonehenge we had to book it online. This process forces you to choose day and time, the latter being something that worried us because we did not know what time we would arrive. In fact we arrived 1.5 hours earlier, around 11:00 and our reservation was for 12:30, which was not checked and did not show any setbacks. Good luck to us because high visiting peaks They go from 12:00 to 14:00, moments that are better to avoid approaching.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

10 minutes were enough to collect the tickets and enter the small museum on the right. In it we enjoy very successful projections, with circular screens giving the impression that we are in the heart of Stonehenge. In addition to remains of objects and bodies found in the area there are very curious things like original comics of Thor, Superman, Scobby Doo, ..., among others where Stonehenge was the protagonist of the cover.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

Outside there is a reconstruction of several houses of the time where the inhabitants who built the temple lived. Seen these two things it was time to wait for one of the two lines to take a bus to Stonehenge. Another option was to walk 2.5 kilometers in a light rain, so that day the choice was quite clear. From this I stayed with one thing, the line behind the cafeteria was much shorter than the one on the other side of the road ...

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

After taking the small bus with two babies carrying a piggyback, therefore standing, we arrived at Stonehenge in a heartbeat. Of the route traveled by the bus nothing relevant but if it is necessary to take a look at the small hills located to the north mainly, the calls Cursus burial mounds. These small mounds of earth constructed artificially thousands of years ago do not have a clear objective but it is thought that they could have some ceremonial function in conjunction with Stonehenge.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

We started walking towards Stonehenge until we reached a small circular fence that completely surrounds the temple. Good idea not to see traffic jams under the stones. It is also well placed to take a good picture.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

Stonehenge It is simply magnificent and it is hard to believe how these immense stones were brought here where kilometers around are only flat lands dedicated to agriculture. Men who lived more than 6000 years ago, before the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. A milestone even more when the stones were brought from Welsh.

Tips for visiting Stonehenge

Turning around takes just 10 minutes. Everything will depend on the time you spend enjoying it and taking photos. Also sure that to take your favorite shot you will have to wait for nobody to get ahead :-D.

Practical data

When to visit Stonehenge?

Avoid the noon hours and if possible visit it first thing in the morning.

Is it necessary to book to enter Stonehenge?

No, but it is advisable. Tickets are usually online even 24 hours in advance. If we do not, we can stay at the doors or just wait a few hours before we can enter.

Excursions to visit Stonehenge

If we do not have our own vehicle, one option may be the hiring a tour. There are those who visit only Stonehenge or through a combination with other places. Here we leave several options.

Excursions or tours recommended by the area

Stonehenge by public transport

National express charter at least 3 buses from London for more than 10 pounds the journey from Victoria Coach Station and stopping in Salisbury where we will have to take another bus. Almost 3 hours of travel where a direct bus or car takes just under 2 hours.

What to take to Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is in a very open place, without trees. It usually runs a rather cool brisilla and it is advisable to wear a sweatshirt in summer.

Are there bathrooms in Stonehenge?

Yes, but only in the visitor center.

How long do I need to see Stonehenge?

Calculate between 30 and 45 minutes to see the museum and the reconstructions. 15 minutes waiting for the bus (one way), 30/35 minutes to see Stonehenge and 10 minutes for the return bus. All this without counting the time needed to collect or buy tickets.

It is worth having an English Heritage Oversea Pass

The answer is ... it depends. If you are going to be several days and you plan to visit at least one monument per day including Stonehenge then yes. I say payment because many of the places that appear in the guide of the English Heritage Oversea pass For example they are free.

Buy the Oversea Pass

Where to sleep near Stonehenge?

The surroundings of Stonehenge are expensive and are usually full in high season. Our choice was the Campanile Hotel in Swindon. The cost is quite tight for a modern hotel, with parking and wifi. It is located near a shopping center and less than 1 hour from Stonehenge.

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