Circuit O - Stage 7. Refugio los Cuernos y Torres Central

The stage from the Horns Shelter to the Torres Central Refuge is one of the simplest in Circuit O and W. It is just over five hours bordering the Nordenskjold Lake with a slope that is undertaken gradually, although it has a couple of considerable climbs. It has almost 800m of unevenness in just under 14km, which are appreciated, after more than 100km of crossing.

Del Cuernos y Torres Central Refuge

Departure from Los Cuernos Refuge

We leave at 9 in the morning from Shelter the Horns After spending an unusual night. The wind was monumental, almost hurricane. The tents or tents that were next to the shelter almost took off and the trees squeaked nonstop. The wind shook with gusts, where the latter always carried the greatest force. In the cabins, by the way, the wind hit in such a way that it seemed that they were falling apart, especially since they were at the highest point of the camp. Of course, his views were of cinema.

From the cabins we could see the Nordenskjold Lake With swirls and big waves. We did not know the true wind of the Torres del Paine, until this “quiet” stage.

Shelter the Horns
To Torres Central

During the beginning of the stage the wind continued to squeeze hard, but luckily we had it in favor. In all stages of Torres del Paine, and especially in the stages and paths of the O, you can see many fallen or crooked trees, all always in the same direction due to the strong wind. But of course, we hardly feel it until this seventh stage.

The color of Lake Nordenskjold, to the right of the path, was an intense blue. Next to him, always the imposing view of the colossus on our left, the Mount Admiral Nieto, with about 2,670m high. We have to say that at this stage we barely notice a symptom of exhaustion, even with more than 100km behind our backs, especially since the unevenness was gradually undertaken.

Stage 7 of Circuit O
Stage 7 of Circuit O

We passed several bridges or walkways and a small transparent lake that does not appear on the official map of Torres del Paine that overlook the entrance of the National Park, curious the truth. This lake must be surrounded on the right, since on its left bank is the path or shortcut to the Refuge or Chilean camp.

After the lake and a small slope we begin to see the luxury hotel The towers and shortly after our final destination of the day, the Central Tower Shelter.

We recommend resting halfway, even with a nap :), since the stage is fast and so you can enjoy both the landscape and the change of weather, clouds, sun, rain, something characteristic of the area.

Arriving at Torres Central
Las Torres Hotel

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Recommendations to consider

Torres Central Shelter

The Torres Central Refuge is the best located to attack from the base the Mirador Las Torres, the most enigmatic and most spectacular point of the Torres del Paine.

  • There are rooms with bunk beds
  • There is electric current to charge mobiles in the shelter and WIFI
  • If you have breakfast at the shelter, calculate 7,000 pesos
  • A bottle of wine costs 10,000 pesos, about Pringles 4,000 pesos, a beer 3,000 pesos and a hot dinner about 15,000 pesos
  • There is internet at € 4 every half hour.

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