Five restaurants in Moscow with stunning views

If there are restaurants in Moscow where they highlight their views and the quality of their dishes, I have no doubt that they would be these five. We were lucky to taste and see most of them, and we assure you that Moscow is even more magical because of the good restaurants it houses. We love this city, we love Russia.

Moscow is not expensive, do not be fooled

Whenever they talk to us about Moscow they tell us that it is expensive, that prices are exorbitant. It is said to be the most expensive city in the world, but it depends where and in what. The transport is very cheap, the entrances of the museums as in many places of Europe and the Restaurants in general are cheaper than in Spain. Eat in a Italian Really two dishes, drinks and dessert next to the Kremlin € 20 two people. Expensive?. Well, far from it. Apart, fancy restaurants You could leave for more than € 100 per person in any European capital in Moscow you have them from € 25. Yes, how do you hear it? It is true that Moscow is not a city to live with € 10 a day or to budget travelers, especially for him accommodation, which makes the trip more expensive. But a trip without being able to see and taste one of the five restaurants in Moscow that we propose would be decaffeinated, because the views are so impressive, that memories and good feelings are more than assured. Do you want to know which restaurants in Moscow we recommend ?. Let's see the top 5.

Views from the White Rabbit

Our TOP 5 restaurants in Moscow

1 White Rabbit

Both for dinner and lunch is a restaurant with some really impressive views. For about 3,900 RUB a meal with wine on the terrace overlooking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems really cheap. In Madrid or Barcelona would be something unthinkable.

White rabbit

The food is excellent and you can have lunch or dinner from € 25 per person to thousands of euros if you feel like the best champagne with Russian caviar, it all depends on your wallet.

By the way, we went for lunch without a reservation and they gave us the best place. A luxury!.

Facts about the restaurant

  • Price of some dishes: 1,650 RUB lamb, 640 RUB grilled chicken or 880 RUB salmon
  • Direction: In Smolenskaya Sq., 3 | Smolensky Passage Center
  • Subway: Smolenskaya - Смоленская (In front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Web: //

2 City Space Bar

The same day we arrived in Moscow we went to dinner at the City Space Bar. We booked in advance, as like any hotel with high season views, or reservations or you run out of table. The restaurant is located on the top floor SwissHotel Krasnye Holmy and has fabulous views of the moskva river.

Swissotel Krasnye Holmy

The food is not the best we've had in Moscow. It is international, where you can take a hamburger perfectly or a Tuna tartare, although if we have to recommend something are their cocktails. The best, have a drink there and admire the views.

Views from the City Space Bar

Facts about the restaurant

  • Price of some dishes: Burgers 1,000 RUB, Tuna 1,700 RUB
  • Direction: Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
  • Subway: Paveletskaya - Павелецкая
  • Web: //

3 Conservatory Lounge & Bar

Like almost all good restaurants in Moscow this one is also in a hotel, in the Ararat Park Hyatt. It is located on the tenth floor of the hotel and is a perfect place to have a drink. It has fantastic views of the Bolshoi theater Yet the Red Square.

Conservatory Lounge & Bar

Facts about the restaurant

  • Direction: 4 Neglinnaya Street
  • Subway: Кузнецкий Мост
  • Web: //

4 Sky lounge

The Sky Lounge is one of the most popular restaurants in Moscow. It has different environments as well as views of the most varied. The menu is international, where you can have Italian food and a variety of meat and fish. It is located on the top floor of theScience Academy Building.

Sky lounge

Facts about the restaurant

  • Price of some dishes: Pasta 700 RUB, Seafood from 800 RUB or salads for 1,700 RUB
  • Direction: Leninsky P-t 32A 22 floor (Building of the Academy of Science)
  • Subway: Ленинский Проспект
  • Web: //

5 Kalina Bar

The Kalina bar is one of the Japanese restaurants more fashionable from Moscow For a few years Japanese food has become very fashionable in the Russian capital and the Kalina Bar is one of the greatest exponents. It is perfect to go both in winter like in summer.

Kalina bar

Facts about the restaurant

  • Price of some dishes: Dishes from 300 RUB
  • Direction: Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
  • Subway: Здание Lotte Plaza, 21
  • Web: //

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