Review: The Sony a6000, a perfect camera for travel

Today we are going to talk about one of the best cameras to travel on the market, the Sony a6000. Before we start, we want to make it clear that both Miguel and I have always taken Nikon and Canon respectively and that today we continue to carry these things through inhospitable places, causing both our backs and our patience to suffer. But of course, patience has a limit, and more when you realize that there are brands like Sony, Olympus or Fuji They are innovating by leaps and bounds with smaller cameras and formats and with similar or superior qualities in some cases. An example is the Sony a6000, a small camera, light and with a quality similar to the Canon 700D or 70D or the Nikon D5200 or D7100. Will the time have come to listen to our backs?

The Sony a6000

To make this article we have tried our classic Canon 60D Front of Sony a6000, trying to take the same photographs regarding angles, contrast and light.

A camera without a mirror. But what is this?.

For some years, cameras called mirrorless have begun to proliferate, where the most advanced integrateAPS-C sensors giving Similar results to SLR cameras Amateur or even amateur.

Besides, these cameras stand out because they have the possibility of usinginterchangeable lenses such as SLRs, but much lighter and somewhat cheaper than the first.

The first mirrorless cameras began to be marketed in 2008 by Olympus and Panasonic respectively

Sony a6000, first impressions

The first time we had the Sony a6000 in our hands was when we did a unboxingBefore leaving on a trip. Our first tests were indoors, at home and more than homemade. We focus inert objects such as a bottle or a vase and subject it to low light conditions. The result was surprising, since in conditions where the light shone through its absence it focused very fast and also the grain was much smaller than our Canon 60D or Nikon D7100, something really shocking. The Sony a6000 is one of the few cameras that support up to ISO 25100 compared to the ISO 6000 of the Canon 60D, something that shows that the Canon guys are lagging a bit behind the appearance of new competitors.

Sintra with a Sony a6000

Once you travel, this time in Portugal, you face reality. Conditions with too much or too little light, rain, shadows, moving objects, etc ... a scenario to test what each camera is capable of. Let's see how it went.

Comparing it with the Canon 60D

Under normal conditions, for example during the day, there are hardly any differences, except for the color treatment between Sony and Canon, something you may like or not. Besides, there is the resolution, since the Sony reaches 24 megapixels versus 18 of the 60D, although it is not a factor at this point too important. An example would be the following snapshots, taken in Portugal, where the Sony a6000 appears on the left and Canon 60D on the right.

Sony a6000 vs Canon 60D

In the photograph you can see a slightly different color treatment, although with programs such asLightroom if you take the picture in RAW you can even match them. Which one do you like the most?.

Night photography

This is where both types of cameras show great virtues and big differences. At ISO and noise level Sony wins the game from afar. Photographing ISO 3200 barely has grain compared to the Canon 60D. On the other hand, if we take tripod photography and great depth of field, the Canon shows much more quality. In addition, with shots longer than 5 seconds the Sony a6000 behaves very slow in processing.

Sony a6000 with tripod

In situations without a tripod and camera in hand the Sony a6000 is handled well above any other reflex, since the ISO, up to 25600, is really spectacular.

Sony a6000 with ISO 3200

Electronic viewfinder and other features

For us a camera without a viewfinder is a toy camera. Not only does he lose grace, but there are situations in which you need to have it. Can you imagine taking a picture with an SLR without looking through the viewfinder? Well, with the Sony a6000 the same thing happens. If we talk about a camera where the body costs more than € 600 and does not have a viewfinder, it is to think about it. In that I fear that they have not thought of Canon with the new EOS M3, although it is true that it is an optional accessory for a small price above € 200.

Sony a6000 vs Canon 60D

Already focusing on the viewer itself we want to make something very clear. The Sony a6000 rides a electronic viewfinder, with its pros and cons. For those of us who come from SLR it is not a bit strange, since you are not seeing the real object, but a "simulation" of real-time video. The good, that provides more information and that from the first moment the viewfinder shows how the photograph will look. The bad, that seems somewhat slow and sometimes somewhat artificial.

Although electronic viewfinders still have much to improve, they are necessary to take a good snapshot


Although there are cameras on the market that record better video and above in 4K, we can say that the result could be a remarkable high. The quality is very good and it is very gratifying to see how focus very quickly, something that many reflexes lack today.

Sony a6000 vs Canon 60D

An improved aspect could be the screen, not as modular as in Canon reflexes or with such quality. Appearance to improve gentlemen of Sony !.

16-50mm objective

The standard pack of the Sony a6000 is usually next to the lens 16-50mm. We can say that to be a target of those who come from "series" is not bad, but we notice something slow and especially it takes to focus on night scenes or when you want to change zoom quickly. The movement of zoom is very slow and sometimes desperate, but the quality in most executions good.

Apps and curious features of the Sony a6000

Sony cameras, including the a6000, have the option to upload applications to retouch photographs or to perform incredible effects. These apps are usually paid and are around € 4 or € 5. It has not given us time to use them, but it is something interesting to take into account.

Final conclusion

We cannot deny that the new bets of Sony are not liking. We can say that Sony with the a6000 has created a camera to make you think whether or not to acquire a reflex. We cannot say that Sony wins the battle, since there are points where Canon is still the king, but we assure you that if you decide on this type of camera you can rarely miss the reflex. Besides, there is weight and comfort, something that a traveler needs like gold in cloth.

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Rating: Sony a6000
Construction and quality
Image quality
Low light quality
Electronic viewfinder
Connectivity (Wifi)
SummaryWe love the latest from Sony. That a brand innovates so much in this segment makes many consider leaving brands like Canon or Nikon. A good choice for travelers looking for a good and light weight equipment. 86% Excellent!
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