The Rambla de Barrachina. Welcome to the Far west of Teruel

What a great discovery the Rambla de Barrachina on one of our trips to Teruel and Albarracín. We did not expect this “far west” landscape a few kilometers from the capital of Turia, where only the Indians were missing on the slopes of the cliffs and the cowboys crossing each defile Waiting for a big ambush.

From Spain many of us know or have heard of deserts such as Tabernas in Almería, the Monegros in Zaragoza, the Royal Chains in Navarra, the Médulas in León, the Cárcavas in Guadalajara or LasBarrancas del Burujón in Toledo. But perhaps the Rambla de Barrachina being in the "unknown" Teruel has been given something less important, we do not know, leaving them in oblivion, but making every traveler who discovers themexplode your imagination As if he were an old adventurer.

The Rambla de Barrachina

Just put our feet on the Rambla de Barrachina we dive into our little adventure. To our right one Log cabin, apparently abandoned, but worthy of being part of a set of a old west movie. We were alone, in the middle of a small desert and without visible trails to help us explore this place. It is hard to believe how this little wonder does not have a gala space among the benefits of a province like Teruel, since there are no signs of tourist exploitation.

Rambla de Barrachina
Rambla de Barrachina, the Far West of Teruel

We begin to walk, practically aimlessly, letting ourselves be carried away by our senses. The shape of the hills and the channel what became a river or an area where it was cultivated did not help to trace the route. Both to our right and to our left two mountains like colossi They watched us. We started the march to the left, towards the most picturesque, almost hidden between two hills that acted as protective against such beauty.

Rambla de Barrachina
Rambla de Barrachina, the Far West of Teruel

It was hard to believe there were no traces, just the cattle that could cross through this forgotten area of ​​Teruel. The heat, in June, was still not suffocating, but it already gave indications of what the Rambla de Barrachina may be in July or August. It is probably close to the unbearable, but that does not mean that it is not equally beautiful.

Rambla de Barrachina, the Far West of Teruel
Rambla de Barrachina

The drought and the Farmlands that was between the two great colossi left large cracks and sinkholes, some of them with more than 2 meters deep. The color range from the Rambla de Barrachina we were amazed every time the sun appeared. Reds, oranges or yellows stood out against a blue sky, making this place more impressive.

Rambla de Barrachina
Rambla de Barrachina

Between crack and crack we reach the end of our little adventure, opening another valley of almost equal beauty, and with accessible roads to farmers and green meadows, a banished color of this little corner of Teruel.

It takes just over one hour to go this place, a place close to the Spaghetti Western and the Far West movies. We are sure that everyone who visits it feels to be in the middle of an adventure of Indians and cowboys. We invite you to live it.

Practical data

How to get

The Rambla de Barrachina is just 2km from Teruel and 40km from Albarracín. To access the rambla you have to take the N-330 direction Cuenca, and between kilometer 298 and 299 turn left, before reaching Villaespesa, along a dirt road until you reach an old cabin.

Map to the Rambla de Barrachina

Where to eat or dine

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Where to sleep

Near Albarracín (for about € 50 per night)

  • Doña Blanca Hotel. Rooms in the center from € 55
  • Barrena apartments. About 10 minutes from downtown for about € 160 two nights
  • Hotel the Palaces. With spectacular views from € 40
  • Albarracín Hotel. A beautiful palace with private pool. From € 55
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Near Teruel (for about € 50 a night)

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