Iceland is coming. Hiking and adventure in 2 weeks

Tomorrow we leave for Iceland to make a somewhat different trip. We are going to base it on two pillars, hiking and adventure. The first, why we will carry out one of the most spectacular crossings in Iceland and they say that of the world, laLandmannalaugar, 5 days that boots will savor some landscapes more than unusual.


The second pillar of the trip will be the adventure transformed into roadtrip through southern Iceland looking for camping places more enigmatic and beautiful to be able to make a good snapshot or a Time lapse.


Iceland. Hiking and adventure in 2 weeks

The worst weather in 30 years

Muprhy's law. This year the winter is lengthening and it seems that the month of May has been the coldest in the last 30 years. In particular the Landmannalaugar region there are inaccessible areas and many of the shelters are not yet conditioned. Therefore, we expect cold, snow and a somewhat adverse climate. Apart from having several closed shelters We will have to stock ourselves and bring food for several days during the first crossing. This is not new for us, adventure is what it is, but surely if we had gone a month later all services would be available.

Here you can see several Icelandic webcam.

First leg of the trip. From Landmannalaugar to Posmork (Laugavegurinn)

We start from Madrid toReykjavik, in Icelandic Reykjavík, on the first direct flight of the Icelandic flag airline season Iceland Air, since since the June 20 until September 5 has direct flights every Saturday from the capital of Spain. Since Barcelona They operate earlier, since June 5.

From Landmannalaugar to Posmork, in red

We will start the route a day later, since the flight arrives at dawn and a day of preparation and adaptation to the weather never comes bad. Tell you what Landmannalaugar crossing, also called Laugavegurinn, does not have a very high difficulty, quite the opposite. They are just under 70km in 5 days, so it is suitable for many people. In addition, the slope is very low. The only difficulty is the weather, which can sometimes be extreme, and for many the weight of your backpack, but for that there is the possibility of hiring an agency with experienced guides and that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Why have we chosen to do this route?

Very easy, a picture is worth a thousand words. The beauty of this route is sublime, for photography it is almost an insult, and for any traveler looking for isolation and loneliness it is practically a gift.


Second leg of the trip. Southern Iceland seen by those seeking adventure

We have 6 or 7 more days to see the southern Iceland, enough time to know it in detail. As a means of transport we will go by car, to reach every corner and save time, a lot of time.

Henorthern Iceland We leave it for 2016, because every traveler who visits Iceland returns. Guess why.

But then, what places do we plan to see? Many of us will discover them on the fly, but we can anticipate that at this time we can see and do the following:

  • Crowd of half-day crossings to discover canyons and waterfalls
  • Visit a crashed plane in the middle of nowhere, a DC3
  • Tour the Golden Circle with those Geysers that are scary
  • Scuba diving between two continents, America and Europe, with visible cracks more than 200m underwater
  • See Waterfalls with an unpronounceable name such as Seijalandsfoss, Gljufrafoss, Skogafoss or Skaftafell
  • Nail our crampons in caves and glaciers next to Vatnajokull
  • Freak out with Icebergs from Jokulsarlon Lake
  • The best route of a day,Kristinartindar, a route that takes your hiccups
  • Walk along the Stokksnes
  • And maybe fly by plane on the largest glacier in europe ... better not to reveal more ...

Just thinking about it, we already jump for joy. What an adventure awaits us!

Javier in New Zealand

How to continue our trip?

Both on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram we will be publishing live photos of our trip, yes, if God coverage and wifi allows us. If we are connected, you will be informed.

Travel Hashtag: #Gemelosporislandia

Conclusions on the way back

The route, the routes, how to do them, where to go and everything you might need from Iceland we will tell you when we return. On this trip we will return with photography taken to the limit, videos from a somewhat different perspective and places that will not leave anyone indifferent. Are you sure you don't continue our trip?

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