Travelers advice. A new travel companion, the Apple Sim

It's weird not to see a traveler with his tablet or your smartphone. With the rise of new technologies, not only the camera has the honor of being the digital part of our trip. We all want to be close to ours or to be up to date with the news that happens around us. As well thatWe will communicate through the social networks And why not, as we keep the blog up to date. Just a week ago Apple, the famous apple company, announced something that has been working for a long time, the Apple Sim, something that will improve the traveler's life in the medium term.

Apple Sim

Traveling with a mobile or an iPad and the Apple SIM

Nowadays it is easy to see travelers with an iPad enjoying the photos of the trip, reading a book or having a Skype conversation, basically what we do mainly in our trips. If we add to this Facebook or Twitter, the digital press and especially the maps we already have our travel guide on the tablet. But there is something we need, to be able to make a phone call without Internet.

Every time you travel the first thing you are looking for when you want to talk to yours is an Internet connection, a call center or a place where you sell a Prepaid SIM from a local operator since there is not always Internet and above all, you want to be available or connected at any time. If you buy a SIM from a local operator you always have the problem of changing it to that of your country, look if it is the right size, change the pin so that you do not forget and of course not lose the original, yours, which is so small that it seems to come with wings.

Now that we are in a situation, imagine that you did not have to buy a SIM, that you SIM were compatible with countless operators And that with a click you can decide who you are with and their rate, future or reality? Actually, it is the Apple Sim and as travelers we welcome you.

The Apple Sim

We have always been fans of the Apple brand for the ease of use of their equipment until the arrival of the Microsoft Surface, but with this new blow on the table our eyes shine again towards Cupertino.

The reason is mainly the Apple Sim, a solution that allows travelers to make our lives a little easier. Although they are only available in the latest iPad model and only in the UK and in the United States, I will try to explain briefly what he does so that each one takes his own conclusion.

1. One SIM to rule them all

A phrase in the style of the Lord of the rings reflects what it is, a SIM that applies to all operators.

2. If it is a SIM for everyone, how do I change the operator?

In the options of iPad Air 2, shortly on iPhone, an option that will allow us to select the operator based on your geographical location. Are you in the United States ?, will indicate the operators with whom you have reached an agreement in that country.

Apple Sim

3. And the rate?

More of the same, once you have clear which operator, you can select the rate that best suits your needs. Are you traveling? A temporary or prepaid rate.


It is clear that to travel it is very comfortable, but we still have to wait if the operators will join the car and, above all, the rest of brands of devices such as Google, Samsung or Microsoft to this new innovation from Apple. If so, we will no longer have to change SIM on each trip.

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