U.S. Bryce Canyon National Park

Yes, another article about West Coast, and those that we have left, total is a classic trip where you can find multitude of incredible landscapes and big cities. Well, this time we are going to Bryce Canyon, in Utah, a place that reminded us a lot of Cappadocia, in Turkey, for the ways that erosion leaves the landscape and the aridity of its hills. Seeing these landscapes makes you want to put a good soundtrack in the car of those classic American films, since both the towns and the air of the people are still with that American look.

I watch the park, and you?

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon, or as the Americans say, Bryce Canyon National Park, is located in the state of Utah, not far from Zion National Park. In it you can recreate your view with a multitude of colored rocks such as red, orange, yellow and even white, and also the park is no less than 2,700m at its highest point, so there are several routes to do some other trekking.

Bryce Canyon Map

The park is perfectly accessible by car, as it is a succession of viewpoints perfectly equipped to be assaulted with your camera, and if possible, in more than one sell something.

Natural bridge

We arrived after trekking inObservatory Point, in Zion National Park, about 80km, for free and with our rental car. Here the distances are so long, that moving in another means of transport such as the bus can make you need more time than necessary to see this area.

Bryce Canyon

If you arrive in August like us, or have booked several months in advance or sleeping near or at one of the park's campsites is practically impossible. So we decided to sleep inPangitch, a typical city of the classic west where you can enjoy the classic town burger, nailing you later of course, but rich, rich ... In this small town you can find several roadside motels, all of them in good condition. We sleep in theHorizon, at the end of the Main st, where we mistakenly left a gift at the door of the reception ...

Uff, if I threw the hot water on the reception door ...

In one day you can see the park, even doing a little trekking through the chimneys of fairies, but if we are not in Turkey? ... well yes, they are called exactly the same, it must be that there are fairies everywhere ... In a day because There is a road that runs throughout the park, although if you have more time and the possibility of sleeping in one of the campsites you can collect Bambis for your photo collection and see a sky full of stars every night.

Bryce Canyon

In the map next to this post all the viewpoints of the park appear. The road is not circular and all the viewpoints will always be on your left, so if you see that anyone has a parking lot or there is a bus full of gluttons, go ahead, because when you reach the end you will have to give the return, so sooner or later you will pass again.

Possibly the best viewpoints are Sunrise point, Sunset point and Natural bridge, where the latter is the emblem and the most famous of the park, a natural arch created by the erosion of ice, wind and water.

It is one of the classics, since it is ideal if you have little time to visit the park and also allows you to enjoy the best views and the classic chimneys. They are only 4km, but with slopes of sand and that in summer you can appear melted in a corner if you do not wear a good cap and a canteen.

Bryce Canyon

Another interesting trek is that of Riggs spring Loop, a constant rise and fall of 14km, where we recommend that you spend a camping night unless you have good legs.

Bryce Canyon

Once turned into Bryce we leave for the most famous park next to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, to see the quintessential stage of John wayne, but this is another trip and it's another story. Javier Blanquer

Practical data

When to go?

The weather is colder and wetter than EnZion, and it snows in winter, so the landscape changes a lot. Of course, you have to look at NPS.GOV, to see if there is a closed campsite. The rest of the year in addition to a stifling heat you will find huge amounts of tourists, good luck!

How to get?

To date it can only be reached by car, since there is no bus that leaves you in the park. Bryce Canyon buses only move internally through the park. An ideal rutal would be to leave Las Vegas, go throughZion, then Bryce Canyon, Monument valley and Grand Canyon.

What to wear

Everything you need for camping or trekking. If you are only going to spend a day, with good shoes, even flip-flops of those that say they are so ugly, but comfortable, they are also worth it, in addition to water and a good snack.

Where to sleep?

In this small town you can find several roadside motels, all of them in good condition and the park's lovely campsites. That said, book well in advance, many people live in the United States and there is a lot of local tourism ... We sleep in the Horizon Motel in Pangitch, comfortable and comfortable, but we also saw theMarianna Inn , but it was up. If you venture into these motels you will see that they have prices a bit exorbitant for the quality they have.